viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Estratagemas de la imaginación y la actividad

“… the same circumstances that see men and women accelerate their experiments with disentanglement of associative possibility from hierarchical and communal examples of association already available to them are also likely to witness experiment with assertion of their personalities beyond the limits drawn by their routines of conduct and vision. Such experiments encourage the individual to treat his settled character as the incomplete and corrigible expression of a self. The stratagems of imagination and activity by which he carries out such experiments already involve a partial victory over automatisms and rigidities of a closed character. To come out from under the protective wall of role, habit, and frozen perception, a person must throw himself into a situation of heightened exposure. He must put himself at greater risk to the harm that other people may do him and to the destructive influence that enlarged experience may have on what he had previously regarded as his enduring core identity.

The analogies between process and outcome in material progress, visionary politics, and personal experience are more than superficial parallels. The further you go in the understanding of any of these lines of movement, the more clearly you see how such experiments connect and how the all give practical significance to the idea that, in politics, means create their own ends.”

RMU en "Plasticity into Power"

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