viernes, 13 de marzo de 2009


RMU escribió:

"Life comes before goodness, because vitality is the condition of sustained and magnanimous compassion. We are plunged into a great and mysterious darkness, which our minds are able to penetrate only at the edges. Luck and misfortune, beginning with the accident of our birth in a particular class, nation, and community, shape much of what happens to us. We would be almost nothing if we did not fight against the consequences of this fate and recognize in ourselves the unresigned and uncontainable spirits we all really are. By rebelling against our belittlement by the alliance between chance and society, we cease to be little. We become great: unshaken, unsubdued, unterrified.

Our struggle, which is the condition of greatness, would also be the cause of our perversion, were it not transformed by love. To love another person and to be driven by a vision defining a task are the two decisive events a person can experience. They make us godlike. But not just like the God who creates; also like the God who suffers and dies, because through them we also become hostages to other people, who may rebuff our love or destroy our work. This dependence on the others is not our doom. It is our salvation."

Ahora recuerdo por qué intento hacer esto...

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